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Simmetrics Ltd Software Design, Carshalton, Surrey, UK.
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At Simmetrics we are proficient in ASP.NET interactive web applications. We are able to design data-driven web sites and can offer:

  • Back-end Database Design.
  • Member/Customer log-in facilities via your web site.
  • Role driven accessibility (areas of the site accessible only to users who are members of the appropriate role or group).
  • SSL secure connection (ensures personal information uploaded is secure).
  • Privacy Statements - will automatically enable or disable user access to your site depending on the user's chosen web browser security settings. Generally this enables access for more users.
  • Custom designed database management from your site.
  • Web based emailing facilities from your site.
  • Customer email distribution lists set up from your site.
  • An excellent standard of English grammar and attention to detail.
  • The possibilities are endless!