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Simmetrics offers the following off-the-shelf applications:

myClubhouse Visit myClubhouse website

Are you involved in the running of a club or society? Do you find you spend more time running it that you do using it? We can help you! We have many years' experience of running clubs ourselves and have developed a system that will mean your club could virtually run itself! On top of this we are happy to discuss all your club or society challenges from recruiting new members to sorting out the accounts. Give us a call - we know exactly how you feel!

myClubhouse is a membership, management, and communications website for your club or society. The benefits are many and varied but include:-

  • myClubhouse is 100% internet based - so you can access it from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • The time you spend on club administrative activities could be reduced by 50% or more, leaving you more time to enjoy your club.
  • Your members will be able to take responsibility for keeping their own details up-to-date.
  • You and your colleagues' work-loads could easily be shared out more fairly because anyone with the correct management status would be able to use the website for club management tasks.
  • A central database accessible to all would mean there is only one place to keep everything up-to-date - you'll get everyone singing from the same hymn sheet!
  • Everyone in your club could check the latest news, events and contact details on the website.
  • Your communications to your members could be carefully targeted using cleverly selected email or mail-merge distribution lists - this would ensure all emails and letters sent out were always relevant to the member receiving them.
  • Your Club Secretary will no longer feel like a one-person Directory Enquiries Service as all verified club members would be able to access contact information on the website!
  • Your members (and parents of juniors) would receive increased convenience and service both because they would have a complete club information system at their finger tips and because your staff and volunteers would have more time to dedicate to their needs.
  • Your club's image and procedures would be appear more professional.

myClubhouse can be added onto your organization's existing website, or used on its own. This 100% web-based software is for sports clubs, social clubs, societies, schools, employers or any membership organization. myClubhouse has its own website at where you will find full details and help files, a Live Demo, pricing information and online ordering.

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As used by A D Young Technical Services Ltd, plotter and printer repairs and servicing. Visit the website at

Details to follow; in the meantime please contact us for more information.